The Story of Mobius

Mobius Method has grown up in the rich soil at the intersection between the performing arts and systems change. Founder Amelia Terrapin chose a career as a modern dancer, spending 15 years cultivating healthy ensembles and generating aliveness and joy as a teacher, performer and administrator.  All the while she struggled to satisfy her own changemaking soul that yearned to contribute more directly to social and environmental justice movements. Her experiences as a teaching artist in public schools made this desire even more urgent.  Amelia left the dance world and took a deep dive into industrial systems design, igniting a love and reverence for the science of living systems.  While invigorated by the ideas, she was disheartened by the culture of this new field of systems change.  In her experience, dance ensembles were powered by vulnerability, collaboration and purposeful creativity; while systems change work felt mired in exhausted individual effort and the slow grinding gears of bureaucracy, professionalism and hierarchy. Amelia wondered…

What kind of world could changemakers build if they felt free to connect and create like dance ensembles do?

This question beats at the heart of the Mobius Method, and lives through our work elevating changemaking teams into powerful ensembles.

Our Team

Amelia Terrapin

Founder + CEO

Amelia helps teams create the resilient cultures that enable them to achieve their dreams of a better world. Her work is informed by her experience as a dancer, educator, facilitator, and mom. She founded Mobius Method to support students, business executives, and activists in deepening their self-awareness, relating to each other more effectively, and aligning themselves with a powerful shared purpose.

Amelia has taught systems thinking to Fortune 500 companies, city government leaders, educators and artists.  She has developed curriculum for school districts, public health initiatives and ZERI (Zero Emissions Research & Initiatives.) She has led keynote presentations for the Bioneers by the Bay conference, Engineers Without Borders Canada, various STEM conferences, and the EPA.  As adjunct faculty with George Washington University’s Center for Excellence in Public Leadership, Amelia helps city government executives to find new, purposeful rhythms while leading within hierarchical systems.  

What Amelia has learned from working with thousands of purpose-driven people is that getting bodies moving and spirits soaring on your team unleashes a cascade of benefits.  She has seen time and time again how bringing body, mind and spirit together allows you to tap into the deep well of care, presence and aliveness necessary to sustain world-changing work. She is most passionate about creating a world where learning, connection and creativity can take flight.

Laura Yates

Founding Partner, Strategy + Operations

Laura designs dynamic systems and transformational experiences in support of a thriving world. She weaves together her background studying economic, cultural, ecological, and political systems to develop resources and experiences that make deep learning and culture-shifting possible.

Through her consulting practice, Laura has supported social entrepreneurs across many different fields in bringing their visions to life through their businesses. As Program Director for Byron Fellowship Educational Foundation, Laura organized annual transformational leadership intensives for emerging leaders, social entrepreneurs, and changemakers. She has a Bachelors in Economics from Bentley Univeristy, and a Masters in Environmental Science as well as a Masters in Public Affairs from Indiana University’s School of Public and Environmental Affairs.

Jill Henis

Resident Artist + Creative Development

Jill is committed to creating spaces where both the individual and collective thrive. Integration, transformation, clarity, purpose and possibility reveal themselves as fuel when we embody an ensemble mindset. Jill reminds us that this life giving fuel is unleashed when we celebrate our creative minds, invite our communicative bodies and honour our ability to rise beyond our perceived limitations.

Jill has devoted over four decades to the study of the human condition including 30 years as a Professional Dance Artist. Her commitment has taken her across the globe where she has worked with renowned companies such as Ballet Nacional de Cuba, as well as independent collectives. Jill directed and created the post secondary training initiative ‘The Practice’, choreographed for the 2010 Winter Olympic Torch ceremonies, founded her not-for-profit professional dance company and has facilitated movement and interconnectivity for adults with mixed abilities. Jill continues to mentor professional performers, choreograph, coach and create, all the while immersing herself in the world of Mobius.

It Takes a Village

Woven throughout the story of Mobius are threads of meaningful relationships, deep conversations, and transformative experiences. With gratitude and wonder, we acknowledge the contributions of those who have supported Mobius throughout our journey:

Mary & John Smith • Ocia Terrapin • Alan Bush • Jodeen Tebay • Babs Case • Cari Hanson • Dancers’ Workshop • Gunter Pauli • David Schaller • Karen Hogan • Shannon Iris • Sheryl Nesseth • Paige Strom • Terryl Rood • Cathy Draper • Tim Young • Mark Guy • Rebecca Engelman • Marylee White • Mountain Academy of Teton Science Schools • Bari Bucholz • Arla Burbank • Center of Wonder • John Morgan • Steve Jansen • Julie Kling • Jen Tennican • Jeff Hogan • Marni Walsh • Rebecca Huntington • Hillary Berry • Gabriel Grant • Mark Boyce • Byron Fellowship • Mariana Velez • Anamaria Aristizabal • Dana Pearlman • Kai Zhuang • Lindsay Sudeikis • Maria Sgambati • Elizabeth Porritt Carrington • David Paull • Erik Lindquist • Linda & Richard Lindquist • Cheri Torres • Barrett Brown • Blake Performing Arts High School • Larry Plank • Judy Rae Smith • Donella Meadows • Nicole Farkouh • Emil Goldsmith Olesen • Karen Knight
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