The Heart of Mobius

Systems change is not a solo endeavor; it takes an ensemble to shift systems.

Mobius Method supports changemakers who are ready to build bold and powerful ensembles to transform our world for the better.

Why Changemakers?

Here’s what we mean when we say changemaker: you have a vision for the future, and you want to transform our world for the better.

You’re deeply committed, and you keep that commitment burning in the face of all kinds of dysfunction and challenge.

We’re talking about people who show up every day in service of the future they believe in. 

Changemakers are everywhere – in every field, every community, and every organization.

You have a bold vision for the future of

public health.


food security.




regenerative agriculture.


the arts.

public transportation.

social justice.

soil health.

workplace culture.

impact investing.

Why Ensembles?

As a member of an ensemble, you are fiercely committed to:

your own personal growth
the growth of your colleagues and community
the shared purpose and success of the group

When these three commitments are in place and in practice, a group becomes an ensemble able to transcend perceived limits; both individual limits and the limits of the culture that surrounds your organization, field, or industry.

Applying the ensemble operating system to your changemaking team launches you into the awareness, clarity, and courage needed to manifest your boldest visions for the world.

Mobius Method has distilled the best practices that high functioning ensembles have mastered. These specialized practices support your team’s ability to bring your boldest visions to life.


connect vulnerably • share power • are fueled by play • invite feedback • create emergent space • take risks and learn together

Why Systems?

The Mobius Seeing the Invisible Framework is based on the work of Donella Meadows, an MIT scholar and leader in the field of systems thinking. The framework gives leaders of complex endeavors an introduction to the science of complex systems.

The science tells us that, like an ecosystem, our systems (including organizations like city governments or companies) are not simply the “parts”, but are the product of the interaction of the parts.  The insights gained from seeing through this lens has major ramifications for how to act as a leader. 

The purpose of the framework is to help leaders to cut through the chaos and complexity of their systems and intervene more effectively.  Systems awareness helps the leaders of our times to understand and speak the lanugage of systems and bring their bold visions for change to life.

The Roots of Mobius Method

Systems + Nature

Accessing the wisdom of nature connects us to feelings of wonder, curiosity and care for the Earth. The healthy patterns that surround us in nature show us that we need each other, and we don’t have to figure it out on our own. We can look to the wisdom of living systems as we intentionally create thriving cultures, bringing more health into the systems we care about.

Movement + Play

Movement invites playfulness, presence, and curiosity. It makes deeper, more trusting relationships possible by breaking down barriers and hierarchies. Engaging in embodied play creates a unique opportunity to question dominant mindsets and repattern with more generative ones.

Essential Spirit

Creating a thriving, equitable world requires unique contributions from each and every one of us. When we feel connected to one another and aligned with a larger purpose, we know that our contributions matter. We are able to draw from the deep well of our unique gifts, and joyfully share ourselves with the world.

Honoring the Invisible

We believe in the science of the measurable. And, we believe in the power and importance of things that can’t be measured… like love, justice, security, and freedom. Honoring these invisible forces is the key to creating a thriving world, more so than anything we can measure. We honor the invisible by not leaving it up to chance, designing spaces where it is valued and sacred.
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