Seeing the Invisible

Workshop series

This workshop series is specifically designed as an investment in creating a culture of trusting relationships and clear shared purpose, both vital precursors to thriving, effective teams that can successfully create the future they want together.

Using a mashup of systems thinking, movement and group reflection, Seeing the Invisible makes visible the patterns that can either recreate what’s not working or help us intentionally choose new possibilities.

This series draws on the work of the pioneering scientist Donella Meadows.  Seeing the Invisible employs systems thinking in a way that takes us beyond intellectual exercises into a space of inspiration and wonder, simultaneously activating our mental, social and emotional intelligences in service of meeting the complex challenges of our times.

Seeing the Invisible Series

Systems Awareness

3.5 hours

Offers a basic awareness of the nature of systems and the 3 key practices for creating change within systems.

Belonging & Trust

3.5 hours

Facilitates relationship-building and shares practices for prioritizing belonging and trust.


3.5 hours

Illuminates the need for a clear, aspirational purpose that inspires people to contribute their energy and commitment.

Experience the Workshop

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