Workshop series

Seeing the Invisible

Transformative group experiences that cultivate connection and unleash potential.

This workshop series is specifically designed as an investment in creating a culture of trusting relationships and clear shared purpose, both vital precursors to thriving, effective teams that can successfully create the future they want together

Seeing the Invisible Series

This cumulative workshop series leaves teams feeling engaged and connected to one another, confident in their capacity to create a healthy culture that works for all, and alive with purpose.

Systems Awareness

Illuminates the invisible patterns that shape our culture, revealing new possibilities for co-creating a thriving team.

→ Access the wisdom of nature to make visible the invisible patterns of interacting that shape your team and organizational culture.

→ Forge deeper team relationships within a highly interactive and participatory setting.

→ Explore new possibilities for how your team works together, and celebrate what’s already working.

→ Activate everyone in your team or organization to build towards a healthier culture.

Belonging & Trust

Ignites shared leadership with a suite of simple practices that unleash a culture of belonging and trust on your team.

→ Master practices for nourishing the beating heart of thriving systems: feedback, self-organization, healthy hierarchy, and more.

→ Learn innovative strategies for unleashing the potential of any meeting, gathering, or initiative.

→ Expand your self-awareness and capacity for leading within complexity.

→ Create the conditions for innovating, creative problem-solving, and building a thriving future together.


Liberates creative bandwidth by clarifying and aligning with your team’s or organization’s purpose.

→ Together clarify and articulate your team’s purpose in order to unleash energy, motivation, and creativity.

→ Supported by this clarity, both individuals and the larger team determines how best to align their actions to powerfully fulfill their shared purpose.

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