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by elevating your team to an ensemble.


Bold Moves for Systems change

A course for changemakers ready to unleash the full capacity of your team.

Unleash new possibilities for your team within this 7 week course featuring:

→ Participatory and engaging modules with video lessons, worksheets, and reflections
→ Guided experiments to inspire new patterns of working together on your team
→ Opportunities to fortify your own leadership capacity in just 1-2 hours per week.

Do you yearn to have more of an impact in your systems changework?

Are you overwhelmed by the complexity of your work and not sure where to direct your focus?

Are you ready to lead from the heart and build a powerful team that can transcend the perceived limits of your field?

this course is for you.

With the BOLD MOVES course

→ Your systems changework will leave you feeling energized and generative.
→ You’ll feel a sense of clarity about where to focus your attention, time, and energy.
→ You will feel supported and capable of cultivating a powerful ensemble, no matter your role on your team (you don’t have to be “the boss”).
→ You and your team will develop a capacity for experimentation, risk taking, and making bold moves together.
→ You and your team will feel more connected and purposeful than ever before.


ADOPTING THE ENSEMBLE MINDSET will help you transform your team culture using the best practices of how ensembles create and work together. Shifting the orientation from individual effort towards collective capacity will uplevel your team’s approach to systems changework.

DEVELOPING SYSTEMS AWARENESS will support your changework by helping you see your team as a living system.  Our Seeing the Invisible Framework provides new perspectives that will unleash clarity and passion in service of your shared purpose.

TAKING AN EXPERIMENTAL APPROACH will liberate you from the fear of risk and failure, making room for growth and creativity.  Your team will be free to test your best ideas; nimble, innovative and responsive to the world’s needs.


I am ready to be vulnerable and lead from the heart.

I am eager to unleash more of the talent I know exists on my team.

The culture of my team matters, and determines how successful we will be at making an impact.

Systems change – like culture change – doesn’t happen overnight.

Slow, intentional shifts are the bedrock for sustained, meaningful impact. Slow is smooth and smooth is fast!

We built this course for you.

Sign up below to join the next Bold Moves live cohort in Fall 2021. We’ll meet once a week to process, integrate, and learn together!

The course features 6 modules and multiple learning modalities to support you and your team in:

→ Practicing self-awareness

→ Prioritizing relationships

→ Fueling with feedback

→ Cultivating shared purpose

→ Unleashing creativity with movement & play

You’ll experiment with new practices that will start to unleash the aliveness, clarity, and courage needed from you and your team to transform our failing systems into life-giving ones.

Once you’ve completed your purchase, you’ll receive an email from us with a link to your course page. Modules automatically unlock once a week.

You can access this course at any time by logging in and visiting your account page.

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