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Make Bold Moves.

Bold Moves


A 7-week program for purpose-driven ensemble whisperers ready to unleash the full capacity of your team.



of participants say BOLD MOVES

up-leveled their capacity to positively impact their team culture.

the people who’ve bought BOLD MOVES:

Bold Moves helped me come home to myself.”

“This course reframes notions of leadership, systems, relationships, and culture in a way that will shift how you engage with self and collective leadership from this point forward.”

“Talking and thinking about systems changework from the brilliant lens and process that is Mobius has been a remarkable and timely companion through this rapidly changing reality.

“After taking Bold Moves, I have much more trust in myself!”

“I feel empowered and set up with tools to really take my work to the next level. It is extremely exciting.”

“I find myself already having applied the Mobius Method framework to many daily interactions. It has become a new lens through which everything is seen, and real-time application happens.”

Bold Moves is not just another leadership training course. It is about how to get your whole team engaged, re-engaged, and energized about how to better understand and work in systems.”



You feel deep in your bones the limitations of traditional top-down organizational models and are seeking new ways to organize and share power.


You would love to know how to bring more movement, laughter and vulnerability to your team.


You want to stop thinking about bold moves and start making them.


You want to hang out with a community of purpose-driven leaders from diverse fields that are actively engaged in reinventing the world.


You are ready to experience the intelligent flow that gets unleashed by taking on the ensemble mindset.


You are open-minded, committed, and coachable.



Transform your team culture using the best practices of how ensembles create and work together – like movement, play, and sharing power. Shifting the orientation from individual effort towards the collective capacity of ensembles will up-level your team’s approach to fulfilling your shared purpose. The ensemble mindset acts as an antidote to the individual/heroic leader mindset that gives rise to the burnout, isolation, and exhaustion that dominate modern work culture.



Our Seeing the Invisible Framework provides new perspectives that will unleash clarity and passion in service of your shared purposeOur systems are so complex that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, and confused about where to focus for highest leverage. Our current approach is often influenced by a mindset that sees humans as cogs in a machine. Systems awareness acts as an antidote to the machine mindset by embracing the metaphor of your team as a thriving living system.



Leave behind the fear of risk and failure by leading with an embodied, participatory approach. When we try to think our way into solutions using only our minds, we can end up stuck and even recreating the status quo we’re working so hard to shift. When we embrace the power of collective experimentation, new possibilities emerge for responding to the world’s needs. An embodied action-oriented approach acts as an antidote to the over-intellectualization that sometimes holds us back from living our purpose.


These three core outcomes work together to transform your capacity to shift your culture and powerfully pursue your purpose.


Multi-Modal Learning

Modules that engage your body, mind, and spirit through video instruction, guided reflections, articles, exercises, and  downloadable worksheets.

Guided Experiments

Access a treasure trove of bold moves you can use right away to inspire new patterns of relating and working towards your purpose as a team.

Live Coaching & Support

Receive personalized coaching, deepen your learning, and travel through the course alongside a live community of other ensemble whisperers.

With the BOLD MOVES course

→ Your purpose-driven work will leave you feeling energized and generative.

→ You’ll feel a sense of clarity about how to build a culture that nourishes you and your team and fuels your shared purpose.

→ You will feel supported and capable of cultivating a powerful ensemble, no matter your role on your team (you don’t have to be “the boss”).

→ You and your team will develop a capacity for experimentation, risk taking, and making bold moves together.

→ You and your team will feel more connected and purposeful than ever before.

COURSE Overview



Looking inward to cultivate your ability to show up in new ways.



Bringing the wisdom of natural systems to the complexity of human teams.



Tending to the relational building blocks of every human system.



Getting the abundant resources on your team flowing.



Attuning to and clarifying purpose together as an ensemble.



Strengthening the muscles you need to make bold moves together.



Harvesting the fruits and building the path forward together.


Who is Bold Moves for?

This course is for you if…

  • You have a deep desire to live your purpose through your work.
  • You feel the limitations of top-down organizational models and are seeking new ways to organize and share power.
  • You’re ready to try new things with your team.
  • You are ready to make bold, purposeful moves with your team in service of a flourishing world
  • You’re seeking a community of purpose-driven leaders actively engaged in building ensembles.
What if I’m not part of a team right now?

No problem – the practices in this course are designed to benefit you as a member and a leader within all kinds of groups and teams, including community groups or families!

What if I don’t hold a formal leadership role?

Ensemble leadership celebrates the natural capacity within each person to shift the culture of a team. You don’t need to be in any formal leadership role to use the practices or take on the experiments in this course.

Do I need any experience with systems thinking?

You can be an absolute beginner or a seasoned systems thinker and learn something new from Bold Moves! This course is a systems thinking primer designed to engage your body, mind, and spirit as you learn and experiment with your team.

How much time will I need to complete this course?

In addition to 1 hour 15 min per week for the live group calls, we recommend setting aside 1 to 2 dedicated hours to complete the module and take on the experiments.  

What kind of “homework” is there?

Every module has an experiment for you to take on. Some experiments are more internal and personal, like practicing a new perspective or focusing your attention on a particular aspect of your team. Other modules invite you to do an active experiment with your team.

Will this work for me if my team is virtual?

Absolutely. All the team-based experiments include both in-person and virtual designs, so you can choose the best option for your unique context. One of the modules has a movement-based experiment, and we provide instructions for doing that exercise virtually.

Do I get access to the whole course right away?

When you sign up, you immediately get access to the “Getting Started” section and “Module One: Self Awareness.” The remaining modules will unlock once per week to give you ample space and time to explore the content and take on the experiments. Once you’ve completed the course, you’ll have unrestricted access to all of the modules so you can revisit it at any time.

Who can I share the materials with?

We developed the course materials so they can easily be shared with your team (even if they’re not taking the course with you). We encourage you to share as many of the course  downloads with your team as you’d like! Please do not share the course materials with folks outside your team. 

These materials are not authorized for use in any commercial or paid facilitation context (if you’re a consultant and want to bring this work to the teams you work with, we’re up for a conversation about ways to make that happen – get in touch at [email protected]).

I want to know more about the live calls. When are they, who attends, and are they recorded?

The live weekly calls are a space for processing and cultivating a deeper understanding of each week’s module content in community with other ensemble leaders. In these calls, you can expect to bring your questions and receive personalized coaching and support. The calls are hosted by Mobius Founder Amelia Terrapin, taking place every Friday at 1pm ET. They follow a flipped classroom model, meaning participants arrive to the call having already completed the corresponding module and, ideally, having already taken on the week’s experiment. 

Past participants have told us that the calls were a key part of their course experience. You’ll experience lasting learning and deeper connection with the community if you make the time to participate fully in these calls (meaning, video on and joining from a setting where you can speak, move, and participate freely). Our intention is for everyone to attend each call, and we know life happens! So, we do record calls just in case you can’t make it live one week. 

Fall 2021 Cohort call schedule: M1 – Oct. 1;  M2 – Oct. 8;  M3 – Oct. 15;  M4 – Oct. 22;  M5 – Oct. 29;  M6 – Nov. 5;  M7 – Nov. 12


What if I want one-on-one support?

Individual coaching is available to course participants for an additional fee. You can learn more about coaching and request a session here:

What’s your refund policy?

If you purchase Bold Moves and you are not entirely satisfied, you can return it for a refund within 14 days from the date of purchase. After 14 days, your purchase is no longer eligible for a refund. In the event of a refund, your access to the product will be revoked.

Do you offer discounted courses?

We offer discounted rates for teams of 4 or more people. Contact us at [email protected] for more information.

Could Bold Moves count towards my continuing education requirements?

While it ultimately depends on the certifying organization, Bold Moves is a great fit for continuing education programs that include a focus on systems thinking, leadership, management, and team culture. If you’d like to pursue CE credit for Bold Moves, we’d love to help: reach out to us at [email protected].

I’d like to do a private session of this course with my team. Is that something you offer?

Absolutely! We love working with teams, and a private session allows you and your team to focus on your unique context and purpose. Private sessions are great for teams who want to clarify their purpose and create new ways of organizing together. Distributed or virtual teams in particular may benefit from the content and format of this course. Get in touch with us at [email protected] for a conversation about what a private Bold Moves session could look like for your team.



$795 USD

Live weekly coaching and integration calls hosted by Mobius Founder Amelia Terrapin

Frameworks and models for unleashing the power of ensembles on your team

→ Experiment and practice alongside a community of other ensemble whisperers like you

Lifetime access to private course site featuring videos, self-assessments, tools, experiments, and downloads

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Heads up! Discounts are available for teams taking the course together.

Get in touch [email protected] to purchase multiple courses at once.

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