Facilitation + Design

Custom consulting

Engaging and unique solutions for your team, organization, or gathering.

Ongoing engagement with a group or organization, featuring long-term process- and interaction-design embedded within organizational practices.


Engagement Design

Elegant, compelling, and effective design for conferences and convenings with a specific purpose or desired outcome.



Responsive co-facilitation that meets the emergent moment-by-moment needs of a group, providing for greater clarity around a particular concept or goal, greater connectivity between participants, and a more energized physical and emotional state.

“Having Mobius at the conference allowed Engineers Without Borders to not only say we stand for equality, respect, and dignity but also to experience it while connecting with others from various backgrounds. Mobius created a safe space to better connect with ourselves, and to break language, cultural and assumption barriers, unleashing our confidence to act.”

—Jordan Prince Tremblay, former Engineers Without Borders chapter president

"As a leader of a quickly growing social enterprise, Mobius Method brought us closer together and opened up new pathways for thinking, communication, ideation and innovation."

—David Paull, CEO of Compost Wheels

"Mobius taught me something I had no idea was possible: connecting with people using nothing but your actions. It was amazing to see how a group of complete strangers was able to connect so well on an emotional level without using any words through the activities performed in the session."

—Mahfuzur Muhith, Engineers Without Borders – McMaster University Chapter

“[Mobius] workshops included hands-on, participatory activities that had teachers moving, laughing, and learning!"

—Rebecca Engelmann, Arts in Education Director, North Dakota Council on the Arts

"I’ve worked with [Mobius Founder] Amelia Terrapin to deliver an embodied approach to systems thinking for leaders in one of Silicon Valley’s biggest tech companies. I found her passion for this topic to be contagious, her commitment to excellence inspiring, and her execution of high caliber."

—Barrett C. Brown, MetaIntegral Associates Principal

"We've found Mobius to be far more effective than other team-building exercises to quickly generate experiences of trust, belonging, and play."

—Gabriel Grant, Co-Founder & Director of Byron Fellowship Educational Foundation

"Wow! Mobius is a fabulous way to teach those difficult science concepts. I was amazed at how well movement helped students deepen and retain information."

—Sheryl Nesseth, 4th grade teacher

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