What Are the Roots of Your Deep Why?

Written by Amelia Terrapin

February 16, 2021

As we enter a new year in the midst of a pandemic, our team is hard at work preparing to launch an online program for systems change leaders who are ready to build world-changing ensembles.

This process has brought up ALL the big questions:

What exactly are we doing? Who is it for? Why are we doing it?

Maybe you can relate? The pandemic stirred the pot for all of us, no matter what field of systems change we’re committed to!

It’s been humbling to realize that I actually forgot my deepest why. For the last 5 years, I’ve been focused on developing a Systems Awareness curriculum for changemakers. It’s been very rich and rewarding, but…to be honest, I kinda lost the plot!

My original “why” wasn’t just to enrich the intellectual approach of individuals working in systems change; I also wanted to help changemakers open their hearts to each other and build the teams that will truly reinvent the world.

I didn’t even know I had forgotten. It wasn’t until I grew my own team and we faced these questions together that I started to remember my deepest “why.”

We mapped Mobius back to its’ source: back in 2003 I left the dance world and stepped into the world of systems change. While invigorated by so many new ideas, I was disheartened by the culture of this new field.

In my experience, dance ensembles were powered by vulnerability, collaboration and purposeful creativity; while systems changework felt mired in exhausted individual effort and the slow grinding gears of bureaucracy and hierarchy.

I so badly wanted to bring the ensemble medicine to the pure-hearted colleagues I had met. I remembered the question that ignited my changemaking journey in the first place:

What kind of world could changemakers build if they felt free to connect and create like dance ensembles do?

The more I invited my team into these deep questions of “why,” the more clear I became. And, the more clear we all became that we share the same “why.” Ahhh…our ensemble is now fueled by this deep clarity and supported by the roots of my original “why.”

I guess we sometimes forget that we do our work not just for the greater good but also for reasons that are deeply personal.

Pause, Breathe, Reflect

Does this story spark anything in you about your own journey?

Have you ever lost the plot in your changework?

Has the pandemic shaken anything loose about your own deep “why?”

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