Tips for Ensemble Leaders Returning to the Office

Written by Amelia Terrapin

July 30, 2021

As I’ve talked with our Mobius community about the return to in-person work, here’s what I’ve heard:

“I want to leave behind the ‘running myself into the ground’ approach I had to work.”

“I want to continue to make time for myself… to create alone time where I can be with myself and have space for introspection.”

“I want to leave behind the idea that the only way to get work done is to sit in an office for 10 hours a day.”

“I want to leave behind the fear of being my full self in spaces that sometimes feel like they are only willing to welcome some pieces of me.”

My work with ensembles has taught me that taking time to reflect and mindfully choose, together with your team, how you want to work towards your visions for a better world is an act of creativity that will fuel your purpose.

This particular moment in time – as the pandemic shifts and we transition back towards in-person work – is ripe for cultivating the ensemble spirit with your team through purposeful reflection.

Here are three levels of reflection to support you and your team in mindfully making the transition back to in-person work:

SELF: Reflect solo in your journal or voice memo

  • What have you learned about yourself over the past year?  How have you changed?
  • What parts do you want to keep? What are the positive developments? Positive practices? (walk 3 times a day, take calls on walks)
  • Is there anything you want to leave behind?

RELATIONSHIPS: Reflect with your team or family

  • Is there anything you miss about being at home? What do you most appreciate about being back in person?
  • What parts do we want to keep? What are the positive developments that have emerged?
  • How do we want to be working together as a group a year from now?

PURPOSE: Reflect with your team or family

  • How has the last year changed or refined my individual purpose (my interests, passions, strengths) on this team?
  • What was our purpose together before life and work was disrupted?
  • How might our purpose together be changing in response to changing conditions in the world?

Initiating these kind of conversations is an example of what we call ensemble whispering… small but powerful acts that over time add up to create the nourishing soil for your team’s purpose to thrive. Notice the subtle energy shifts on your team in response to having these conversations together.

The pandemic disrupted so many of our entrenched norms, creating an opening for something new to emerge. Harness the unique opportunity of this moment to discern what kind of culture will best enable you, your team, and your vision for a better world to flourish.

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