There’s an Antidote to That

Written by Amelia Terrapin

October 22, 2021

Does your team or institution suffer from the woes of the machine mindset?

Our current work environments are often influenced by a mindset that sees humans as cogs in a machine; our value tied to our capacity to produce.  This ubiquitous mindset gives rise to experiences of burnout, isolation, and a loss of connection to a larger a sense of purpose. Sound familiar?

Good news. There’s an antidote for that!

Artists embody a particular attitude that combines an inner way of being with outer ways of relating that creates the antidote to the machine mindset.  We call it the ensemble mindset.

What if one of artists’ greatest contributions to society isn’t solely the art they produce, but the social technology of how they produce it?

If individuals in your team or institution feel like “cogs in a machine,” the deep care and aliveness of healthy arts ensembles is the antidote.

Arts ensembles routinely practice the social technology that the world needs right now: how to connect vulnerably, share power, and build the trust necessary to become collaborative bodies. Ensembles are geared towards trying things that have never been done before in service of innovation… of making bold moves that will change our world for the better.

The Broadway ensemble of Hamilton in action as a collaborative body.

Purpose-driven teams urgently need the social technology of ensembles to both create a life-giving culture and organize around a compelling shared purpose.  Replacing the machine mindset with the ensemble mindset will unleash the deep care and aliveness needed to make the bold moves that this moment requires.

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