Portals of Possibility

Written by Amelia Terrapin

December 13, 2021

Every day, windows of possibility open and close in our interactions on our teams and in our families. These windows offer an opportunity to address something that is out of alignment in your system. These portals open momentarily, giving you a chance to intervene in a way that would interrupt an unhelpful or unhealthy pattern.

How do you know when such a portal has opened? 

For me, my stomach sprouts a few butterflies and my heart might skip a beat, giving me the cue that I just might speak up and intervene. I can sense that RIGHT NOW is a good opportunity to… 

  • be more honest
  • name something that needs to be named
  • make a request
  • invite or give feedback
  • realign with your purpose

“Hey, I was wondering if we could talk about X before our next event.”

“Could we pause and ask X their opinion on this before deciding?”

“I need to share that I’m feeling X right now…”

By making good use of these portals, you can start to shift entire organizations and institutions. These interventions give each and every one of us the power to shift the systems we participate in.  You can nudge your team in the direction of more aliveness, more shared power, and more aligned service.

Sometimes, moving through a portal can feel like this…

Other times, it feels more like this:

Whether you tiptoe or take a flying leap, making good use of these portals means doing whatever imperfect action you can muster in the moment.  It probably won’t feel perfect or graceful… it might even be messy.  Think of it like training your body for some new physical endeavor: you will build muscle and strength with repetition.  The more you practice intervening with aliveness and shared power, the more you will bring your service into alignment with your purpose.

When ensembles train these muscles together, individual bold moves start to accumulate into more and more effective formations.

I invite you to start tracking portals of possibility with these questions:

  • What window(s) opened up today?  What possibility is on the other side?
  • How did your body respond?
  • What did you do?  What could you have done?
  • What do you hope to do next time?

Want to practice meeting these portals of possibility with courage and conviction? We train for these moments in the Bold Moves course. You can join the waitlist for our upcoming cohort here.

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